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My software & programs are made according to a set of conventions, which include keeping popular conventions, scalable develompent , secure code annotation and cross referencing. Conventionally, developers and their managers are focused on delivering features and meeting time-to-market expectations, rather than on making sure that software is secure. Programmers are copying security flaws in to your software. Programmers don’t write all of their code. Software Asembly has taken over the the world of devlopment. Indroductory scanning for known vulnerabilities in software is mostly done after it’s been released.

Digital&Tech Progress

The development of techonlgoy has a major impact on the methods industies use to achive success. I occasionally blog & write gists on realted matters. "Did you know? Today, the vast majority of quiries are on moblie.

Who am I ... ?

My name is Frank Beatrice. Developing, creating, hacking, & inspiring others is my passion. I am the type of person to take physics labs for fun & also go to garage meet-ups and build innovate things from spare parts. If I do not know an answer off hand , I will constructively devise a method.

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